Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags

Christmas cards – Christmas ‘marmite’!! Do you love them or hate them?

Originally, I couldn’t wait to throw away our Christmas cards. It seemed that, no matter how they were displayed, I found that I was constantly picking them up off the floor or rearranging them. But each year we seem to receive many more Christmas cards than the year before – it seemed such a waste to just throw them all away. That’s when I decided to give them a new lease of life! The children love to craft and every year we give our Christmas gifts in homemade gift boxes, so why not make our own gift tags to match?!

My children have always been easily excited by giving and receiving Christmas cards, but now they look forward to making their own gift tags too!

recycle cards

Experiment with different shapes, sizes and personalised letters.


Here’s a round up of other uses for your old Christmas cards.






Recycled Christmas Card Jigsaw

Christmas is over and 2016 has officially begun. You’ve taken down the tree & Christmas decorations and carefully stored them away for another year, but what are you going to do with your Christmas card collection?

As I began my annual post-Christmas de-cluttering mission, I was surprised to discover how much our collection of board games and jigsaws had grown. My youngest enjoys problem solving and can easily concentrate on a jigsaw for a long period of time. I watch him as he considers each piece carefully, looking for clues in the size, shape and colours. I love to see the determination on his little face as he is challenged by each piece.  But it is even better when I see him smiling from ear to ear, as he experiences the overwhelming surge of self-confidence and achievement when he completes the jigsaw. This is probably the reason for our ever growing jigsaw collection!

Jigsaws are such fun, why not make your own from leftover Christmas cards?!

Simply cut the card into four strips or four squares for a simple jigsaw

FullSizeRender (3)

For a more challenging jigsaw, cut it into nine squares or different shapes.

Older children will enjoy cutting the card by themselves and piecing it back together.

One of my favourite uses for old Christmas cards is to make next years gift tags as detailed on the Jolly Parenting blog – Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags

Christmas Eve Hamper

Ever since I can remember, every year on the morning of Christmas eve, the Christmas elves would deliver our new pyjama’s and a Christmas story book. Because of this tradition, I looked forward to Christmas eve almost as much as I did Christmas day!

I couldn’t wait to continue this tradition with my own children – with the addition of our favourite Christmas must haves!

On the morning of Christmas eve, the children wake to discover their basket of goodies left out for them by the Christmas elves.

The basket usually contains a variation of the following;

  • new pyjama’s
  • a Christmas story book
  • a cuddly toy and
  • a Christmas craft activity
  • a small Christmas chocolate

Christmas Story Book

I love to share stories with my children, every evening we share a story at bedtime to wind down after our busy day. Christmas eve is full of excitement, my favourite book to share during the Christmas period has to be a treasury of Christmas stories. This means that we can share a different Christmas story each night between Christmas eve and new years day.

A cuddly toy – the perfect accompaniment to settle down with at story time and bedtime.

A Christmas chocolate, e.g;

  • chocolate coins
  • chocolate lollipop
  • chocolate figure – santa, penguin, snowman etc.

A Christmas craft activity

I change the chosen activity each year depending on the children’s age, interests and abilities, but some of our favourites include;

  • making melted snowman biscuits
  • decorating Christmas biscuits
  • decorate a Christmas bauble
  • make a Christmas decoration, e.g. popsicle stick star, pom pom wreath, beaded candy cane, pom pom fairy
  • Christmas paper plate craft
  • pom pom snowballs
  • Snow globe by My Frugal Adventures
  • Snowman activity tray by Happy Hooligans
  • Felt snowman activity by I Can Teach My Child
  • Popsicle stick crafts by Crafty Morning

Depending on the chosen activity, I collect everything that is needed to complete the activity into a gift box within the hamper.