Make A Potato Family


Who knew potatoes and a few coloured marker pens could be so much fun? Not only was it a fun activity but I covered many areas of learning including; fine motor development; language development; creative development; and imaginative play.

The idea for this activity arose when I noticed my eldest looking intrigued and pondering over a bag of potatoes in the kitchen one day. I asked him what he was thinking and his reply was, ‘I have an idea!’ He explained that he wanted to make a potato called Paul. – What a fantastic idea!!

Out came the Sharpie pens and a few more potatoes, intrigued, the other two children watched as he began drawing on a potato, it didn’t take long before they joined in too!


They easily spent 30-40 minutes designing their very own potato family as they discussed the different shapes and colours that they were going to draw/use. A brilliant activity for fine motor development, as they needed to hold the potato with one hand and concentrate on their pen control with the other.


Now that they had their potato people, they needed to name them, this created another play opportunity as their characters came alive in their imaginative play. Suddenly they realised they needed more characters in their potato world and so they made a potato policeman, doctor and fireman!!



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