Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags

Christmas cards – Christmas ‘marmite’!! Do you love them or hate them?

Originally, I couldn’t wait to throw away our Christmas cards. It seemed that, no matter how they were displayed, I found that I was constantly picking them up off the floor or rearranging them. But each year we seem to receive many more Christmas cards than the year before – it seemed such a waste to just throw them all away. That’s when I decided to give them a new lease of life! The children love to craft and every year we give our Christmas gifts in homemade gift boxes, so why not make our own gift tags to match?!

My children have always been easily excited by giving and receiving Christmas cards, but now they look forward to making their own gift tags too!

recycle cards

Experiment with different shapes, sizes and personalised letters.


Here’s a round up of other uses for your old Christmas cards.






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