Recycled Christmas Card Jigsaw

Christmas is over and 2016 has officially begun. You’ve taken down the tree & Christmas decorations and carefully stored them away for another year, but what are you going to do with your Christmas card collection?

As I began my annual post-Christmas de-cluttering mission, I was surprised to discover how much our collection of board games and jigsaws had grown. My youngest enjoys problem solving and can easily concentrate on a jigsaw for a long period of time. I watch him as he considers each piece carefully, looking for clues in the size, shape and colours. I love to see the determination on his little face as he is challenged by each piece.  But it is even better when I see him smiling from ear to ear, as he experiences the overwhelming surge of self-confidence and achievement when he completes the jigsaw. This is probably the reason for our ever growing jigsaw collection!

Jigsaws are such fun, why not make your own from leftover Christmas cards?!

Simply cut the card into four strips or four squares for a simple jigsaw

FullSizeRender (3)

For a more challenging jigsaw, cut it into nine squares or different shapes.

Older children will enjoy cutting the card by themselves and piecing it back together.

One of my favourite uses for old Christmas cards is to make next years gift tags as detailed on the Jolly Parenting blog – Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags


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